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General Stats

OFFLINE User ID: 535278
Country: Republic of Lithuania

Score: 77
Coins: 1764
Kills: 69
Deaths: 87
K/D: 0.79

HeadShots: 0
Murders: 3
Bandits Killed: 0
Zombies Killed: 0
Humanity: 867
Aive Time: 01h, 34m and 38s
Nukes Launched: 2
Airdrops taken: 22

Staff Rank: Player
Premium Rank: None
Builder: No
Email Verified: Not Verified
Last Online: 11:03:32 05/20/2019
Total time played: 78h, 00m and 30s

Samp Skin id 285
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41/100 online
Average Players: 22.75
Running SA:MP Version: 0.3.7-R2

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