In game commands

Chat related commands


Talk in global chat.


Roleplay an action.


Talk louder, let people from far distance hear you!


For nearby players only


Use radio to broadcast.

Animations related commands


Handsup animation.


Sit animation.


Smoke animation.


Wave animation.


Stop current animation.

Fishing related commands


Start fishing, requires an equipped fishing rod and must be near water.


Cancel fishing.


Unequip fishing rod.

Tent related commands


View all the information you need to know about tents!


Create a new permanent tent.


Access tent control panel that allows you to control your permanent tent!


Move your tent to your current position (costs coins).

Group related commands


Create a new group with max 16 chars (requires 2 score).


Invite a player to join your group.


Accept group invitation from someone.


Deny group invitation from someone.


General information about a group.


Kick someone from your group (leader only).


Get someone who's in your group's current location.


Leave your current group.


Disband your current group (leader only).


Group chat.



View your current stats showing most of useful stuff.


View someone else's stats.


Change your current name, requires coins and a cooldown of 2 weeks.


View all latest updates with all the bug fixes, additions and removals!


View top 10 players on the server divided into different categories. 


Buy items using coins (skins, caps, hats...).


View your current coins.


Start your current vehicles' engine.


A list of basic keys.


A list of achievements, achieved and not achieved.


Eject everyone from your vehicle.


Tie another player using the rope.


Untie a tied player.


Steal a player you kidnapped.


Send a direct message to IRC.


Share your coins to someone.


Pick up a dropped gun.


Drop the gun you're currently equipping.


Delete your crafting table.


Open your crafted gate.


Lock/unlock your crafted gate.

/t1 t2 t3

Quick friendly messages.


Enable/Disable first person mode.


View map on your screen (requires item "map").


Report a player to online administrators.


Ask a question to online helpers / admins.


View a list of online admin.


View a list of online helpers.


View a list of online premium members.


View help about how to level up and earn xp!


Get a player's ID by their name.


unstuck yourself.

/pm -> /rpm

Private message someone / reply to someone's message.


View server credits.


Plant a c4 at your current location (requires item "c4")


Explode your previously planted c4.


Disarm a c4 (requires toolbox)


Change your account password.


Check when was someone last seen on the server.

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