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Game related FAQ

Q. How do I earn score?
A. Score is earned by playing, you get 1 score each hour you play on the server.

Q. How to find vehicles around the map?
A. Just walk around the map till you see one.

Q. I just killed a zombie and it dropped loot and I can't see what dropped.
A. Just press N around the dead body till you find it.
Q. Where can I find weapons?
A. Such as you find stuff like food and medical equipment, the weapons and the ammo packages don't different.

Q. Why is everyone killing everyone all the time?
A. This is the culture that developed at our server; kill or get killed.

Q. How can I refill my jerry can?
A. Go to any gas station and crouch (Press C).

Q. What coins do?
A. Coins means money that you can spend in any black market.

Q. Where are the black markets in the game?
A. LS - Commerce, SF - Michelle's Auto Repair, LV - Baseball Cort.

Q. How to increase blood?
A. Use Blood bag or Medical Kit.

Q. How to stop bleeding?
A. Use your bandages.

Q. Where is the best spawn to find weapons and good stuff?
A. It's totally random but the most popular places are the PD's in game, area 51, LS Airports, Commerce dark alleys and hospital to find medical equipment.

Q. How to talk in the global chat?
A. /ooc -a Radio is required.

Q. What to do when I'm infected?
A. Use Antibiotics.

Q. What to do when my leg is broken?
A. Use a Morphine.

Q. How do I craft?
A. /help > crafting - For builders only.

Q. How to become a builder?
A. Apply on our website, pay attention that 100 score and 1000 coins are required.

Q. How to see how many coins I have?
A. Use /coins.

Q. How to kill myself?
A. Jump from a high place or drown.

Q. I'm stuck, what to do?
A. Use /stuck or relog.

Q. How to equip weapon?
A. Make sure that you have the correct ammo to the weapon and use the weapon.

Q. How to load more ammo in the weapon?
A. Equip the desired weapon, open your inventory then use the ammo.

Q. What happens when I reach 0 thirst/hunger/blood?
A. You will instantly die.

Q. What is the lowest and highest temperature?
A. Minimum - 17.3F', Maximum - 87F'.

Q. How to earn coins?
A. Unlock achievements, in addition, if you won't log out, you will receive 100 coins if you will reach 2 hours without logging. More times that you will earn coins when you reach them - 5 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 16 hours.

General FAQ

Q. I Forgot my password, what do I do?

A: Contact one of the managers and prove your identity to get your password back.

Q. How do I change my name?

A: You can change your name in for coins using command /changename, you can however only use it once every 2 weeks.

Q. Help! I am banned! what do I do?

A: Create an unban appeal on our forum!

Q. How do I become an admin / helper?

A: You may become server helper / admin by applying on our forum!

Q. I lost my stats, how do I recover them?

A: You must create a thread on our forum and prove you've lost whatever you are claiming.

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