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A vital part of our gang are the rules, those who do not follow them will be punished with Gang Kick / Permanent Kick / Warnings.

Rule 1. Do not do racist jokes (Permanent ban + Black list
Rule 2. Dont kill Gang members  (Kick or Permanent ban)
Rule 3. Dont ask for promotions  (Kick)
Rule 5. You must use clan skin if they are other members online
Rule 6. DO NOT USE HACKS!!  (Permanent ban + Black list)
Rule 7. Do not troll your gang members  (Kick)
Rule 8. /ganghelp is just allowed if youre in danger (Abuse /gh can result Kick)
Rule 9. If you got kicked due inactivity you need to apply again to join our gang
Rule 10. Always help your friends If you cant help please explain
Rule 11. Leaking any kind of important information about our clan will result in a ban and black list in our gang
Rule 12. Be active.
Rule 13. Dont be a kid
Rule 14. You just allowed to use our tag after the trial period