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This is a list of all rules that apply for VIP Premium Players who have purchased or received perks and benefits by donating to the server. VIP players do not get an easy pass from Admins, they are treated the same as regular community members and can also have their VIP removed for certain reasons or banned from the server.

  • You may not use any VIP exploit / bug to get a personal advantage.
  • You may not kill yourself with anything just to double your loot / give your loot to someone.
  • You may not use a C4 to kill yourself to get the same spawn twice.
  • Asking a friend to kill you to give him your loot is considered loot farming which is not allowed.
  • You may not spam VIP chat and may not conduct toxic behavior in the chat.
  • You may not sell your account to another player in order to give them your VIP.
  • You cannot give away any VIP in your account.
  • You cannot send another player Credits in-game. You can buy the player Credits, but you cannot send them credits in-game.
  • You may not give away your account to another player in order to give them your VIP or Premium features.
  • VIP members are not exempt to break server rules.

    If a VIP member is caught breaking these rules they are subject to punishment from Staff Team.

    We also reserve the right to suspend your VIP status or even remove it depending on the situation. All money given to the server is stated to be given as a DONATION - meaning that if your account has VIP suspended/removed you WILL NOT be refunded.

    These rules are subject to change, We reserve the right to change or modify anything on this page or in our entire Forum in general at any time with or without notice.

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