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GTA SA: DayZ Helper Rules [MUST READ]

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As a Helper you are referred to as a "Staff Member" just like Administrators are. This is a list of all rules that apply to Helper Status Staff Members. Helpers do not get an easy pass from Admins, they are treated the same as regular community members and can also be punished for certain reasons, removed from Helper or banned from the server. Helpers have a higher chance of being accepted into the Administrative Team.

  • Do not insult a player no matter what, always be calm.
  • Do not ignore any questions.
  • Do not spoil the integrity of the Staff Team by breaking rules.
  • Always follow the Server Rules and the Forum Rules.
  • Asking for promotion is not allowed.
  • The command /ans is only to be used for helping players, not for personal reasons when a player turns off PMs.
  • Meaning you are in the helper team does not mean you are superior to others, so do not act like it.
  • Always try your best to use proper English when using /respond, "u r" and "4 u" and so on are not always coherent.
  • If a player asks a question in a different language than you understand, you are allowed to respond in the same language.
  • Use proper English punctuation when using /respond /ans.
  • Using toxic language when responding to questions is not allowed.
  • Always try your best answer questions you know the answer to, always do your duty and do not ignore questions. If you do not have an answer, ask another Staff Member or tell the player "Please wait while I find you the appropriate answer." or direct them to the Forum to research it.
  • Not a single question is a dumb question, always show respect and answer properly.
  • Respect Administrators when asking questions in /h.

These rules are subject to change, We reserve the right to change or modify anything on this page or in our entire Forum in general at any time with or without notice.

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