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I see (and understand) the confusion about what modifications are allowed and which are not. We have a ruling that states: Any modifications that gives you an unfair advantage over any other player who is not using that modification is prohibited. Using advantageous modifications is at your own risk, you will be punished if we consider the modification unfair.

Examples of prohibited modifications which are still often used:
• Infinite run modifications.
• Animation cancelling/speeding up modifications.
• Movement speed modifications.
• Extra sniper zoom modifications.
• Keybindings for fast usage of items.
• Bullet tracing modifications (Only allowed for staff members for administrative purposes)
• Modified ped.ifp (sprinting where others can't)
• Mods that allow you to run with heavy weapons in hand.
• Mods that make you jump further/faster.

If you use a modification that isn't in the list above but it does give you an advantage over other players then that modification is also prohibited.

The most often asked question about this is: "I am using this modification for .... is this allowed?".
The answer to this question is as following: "Any modifications that gives you an unfair advantage over any other player who is not using that modification is prohibited.". To sum it up, it's not allowed if the modification allows you to do advantageous things other players can not do. Any usage of such modifications is at your own risk.

Strict ruling regarding the above message will be applied from now on.
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