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  • KostekPL: hi
    Today at 08:22:58 AM
  • [sL]Capri[Z]: Mys brothers :D
    Today at 06:32:02 AM
  • Paulo Vitor: I can enter any other served except this, it appears everything I enter seems to connect served after disconnects
    Today at 05:18:42 AM
  • SLASH: Join our discord server lol
    Today at 05:04:31 AM
  • snorkel: ok, bye
    Today at 05:03:54 AM
  • snorkel: / you have face book ? :V
    Today at 05:03:05 AM
  • snorkel: :V
    Today at 05:02:53 AM
  • snorkel: -_-
    Today at 05:02:46 AM
  • SLASH: Wait until server gets fixed
    Today at 05:02:31 AM
  • SLASH: Its showing to everyone
    Today at 05:02:15 AM
  • SLASH: oh server is frozen
    Today at 05:02:00 AM
  • snorkel: and but now is 300+?
    Today at 05:01:57 AM
  • snorkel: my ping is only 250+
    Today at 05:01:47 AM
  • snorkel: No. the server will close the connection why?
    Today at 05:01:40 AM
  • SLASH: You just have to open game , click on play, then password for registration comes, enter ur desired password and enjoy gaming ur registered
    Today at 05:01:05 AM
  • snorkel: F**k this f**cking thing
    Today at 05:00:27 AM
  • Paulo Vitor: Are there any videos showing how to register to enter the game?
    Today at 05:00:01 AM
  • Paulo Vitor: Since early wanting to enter the game
    Today at 04:59:31 AM
  • snorkel: i dunno :V
    Today at 04:59:07 AM
  • Paulo Vitor: But what if you register for the server or forúm?
    Today at 04:58:48 AM