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  • DerSch: make a ban appeal?
    Yesterday at 10:34:01 PM
  • kazukajr: please unban me
    Yesterday at 09:09:15 PM
  • kazukajr: maybe it was my brother he plays on same ip was me ;_;
    Yesterday at 09:09:02 PM
  • kazukajr: i got banned for 1 day and i have done anything ;_;
    Yesterday at 09:08:34 PM
  • MateusH.SS: Faça um tópico de unban
    Yesterday at 07:48:24 PM
    Yesterday at 07:16:53 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: Pepo
    Yesterday at 07:04:27 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: Ps
    Yesterday at 07:04:23 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: Edyn - warrior and demon are Down and join in the sl fck jeje no aguantaron esperarme :D
    Yesterday at 07:04:19 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: hi how are all i´ m are very good
    Yesterday at 07:01:08 PM
  • KostekPL: yo
    Yesterday at 06:51:57 PM
  • Monst3r_K1ng: ax
    Yesterday at 06:32:30 PM
  • Pedro: Hahah
    Yesterday at 06:14:32 PM
  • DerSch: yes please
    Yesterday at 06:00:53 PM
  • Pedro: cool, do you want a prize?
    Yesterday at 05:58:20 PM
  • NuK3: I wrote 4k lines of text prooving he is wrong, and didnt post it :AXA: i feel like hist now :D
    Yesterday at 05:50:11 PM
  • NuK3: He lied....
    Yesterday at 05:49:43 PM
  • ̶d̶a̶n̶f̶e̶r̶r̶: :'c
    Yesterday at 04:57:41 PM
  • ̶d̶a̶n̶f̶e̶r̶r̶: what  just happened, fallen got out from staff team?
    Yesterday at 04:57:24 PM
  • Pedro: @fallen me too my brother, gl <3
    Yesterday at 04:17:51 PM

Changelog - V9.3

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GTA: SA Dayz
Version 9.3 Released!

Well, hello there, wonderful people! You may have noticed that we have been quiete and not releasing any updates since our last update, that's because we were trying our hard to finish this release and offer you a better experience!

Quick changes/updates:

Zombies system:
    • Added 400 more zombies, there's total of 800 zombies now!
    • Removed the text on the zombies saying "Zombie! RUN!!"
    • Reduced the speed of the zombies.
    • Zombeis now drop random item, sometimes doesn't even drop any item.
    • Zombies now respawn automatically every thirty minutes.

    Skins System
    • The skins are saving now, only the skins you used. EG: Army Skin. However, /items skins won't save.
    • New skins were added, check below for more information!
    • The skin you were wearing now drops on the ground when you die.

    Loot System
    • Few objects were changed to modern objects that would look better.
    • Admin gift item has been added, a chance of finding random gift after opening it, can be given by administrators for certain reasons.
    • Admin gifts will not drop when you die. However, you can drop them on your own.

    Admin System
    • It now shows the administrator's name when typing [/asay].
    • Restore system has been added, restores you to your last position and sets your skin to the skin you had before.
    • Ban system has been revamped.
    • Administration commands list has been updated with the newest commands and old commands that were removed were removed from this list.

    Bug Fixes:

    Mute system: The bug with the mute system has been fixed, you could say anything although you were muted.
    Gang system: Gang commands list has been fixed, didn't let you view the gang commands sometimes or when using [/gangcmds].
    Items system: A bug with the items system has been fixed.
    Typos: Some typos and mis-spellings were fixed.

    New Features:

    Gun Stocks System:
    Gun Stocks system is a system that spawns gun stocks objects at every police station and also at the area 51. You will be able to explode these gun stocks objects with a C4 to simply loot the items found inside them. You can find guns and ammos inside the gun stocks, rare guns aswell.

    Here's a quick view of how the system look like;

    First photo shows how the gun stocks look like before you plant, explode or do something || Second photo shows the look of the bomb after being planted, the bomb explodes after seven seconds. However, it sends you a message about that in-game aswell, so, don't worry about that. || Third photo shows the explosion after the seven seconds. || Fourth and last photo shows where the items are spawned at after the explosion, they are simply spawned around the boxes. However, in a future update, the boxes objects will be adjusted after the explosion to damaged objects.

    Loot Searching System:
    Loot Searching System lets you search the abandoned car wrecks, certain places like lockers and trash bins for any items inside them, no locations will be given on where they are, find them out yourself!

    Here's a quick view of how the system look like;

    First Photo shows how the system look like, when you see a white marker then it represents the searching system and you will need to stop into the white marker to start searching. || Second Photo happens when you start searching, you stay into this animation, frozen and unable to move for approximately eight seconds until you find something, or maybe you don't find anything. || Third Photo shows what happens when you finish searching, you will find any random item or maybe you find nothing if you weren't lucky enough.

    More necessary information:
    Searching system: You can search the same spot only once until you die!
    Gun Stocks System: You can plant a bomb at the gun stocks only once until you die!
    The new skins images (Check above for the new skins items):
    Zombie Skin

    Agent Skin

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    Love you, #nohomo.
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    One more note: Zombie skin rarely drops when zombies die, 40% of dropping it.
    Agent Skin: Agent skin can be rarely found.