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  • DerSch: make a ban appeal?
    Yesterday at 10:34:01 PM
  • kazukajr: please unban me
    Yesterday at 09:09:15 PM
  • kazukajr: maybe it was my brother he plays on same ip was me ;_;
    Yesterday at 09:09:02 PM
  • kazukajr: i got banned for 1 day and i have done anything ;_;
    Yesterday at 09:08:34 PM
  • MateusH.SS: Faça um tópico de unban
    Yesterday at 07:48:24 PM
    Yesterday at 07:16:53 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: Pepo
    Yesterday at 07:04:27 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: Ps
    Yesterday at 07:04:23 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: Edyn - warrior and demon are Down and join in the sl fck jeje no aguantaron esperarme :D
    Yesterday at 07:04:19 PM
  • [STF]Capri[Z]: hi how are all i´ m are very good
    Yesterday at 07:01:08 PM
  • KostekPL: yo
    Yesterday at 06:51:57 PM
  • Monst3r_K1ng: ax
    Yesterday at 06:32:30 PM
  • Pedro: Hahah
    Yesterday at 06:14:32 PM
  • DerSch: yes please
    Yesterday at 06:00:53 PM
  • Pedro: cool, do you want a prize?
    Yesterday at 05:58:20 PM
  • NuK3: I wrote 4k lines of text prooving he is wrong, and didnt post it :AXA: i feel like hist now :D
    Yesterday at 05:50:11 PM
  • NuK3: He lied....
    Yesterday at 05:49:43 PM
  • ̶d̶a̶n̶f̶e̶r̶r̶: :'c
    Yesterday at 04:57:41 PM
  • ̶d̶a̶n̶f̶e̶r̶r̶: what  just happened, fallen got out from staff team?
    Yesterday at 04:57:24 PM
  • Pedro: @fallen me too my brother, gl <3
    Yesterday at 04:17:51 PM

Changelog - 9.3.6

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- Zombie corpses were added, you can always loot their corpses by pressing N near them, can be looted only ONCE.
- Blood stains were added, (30% chance of getting a high blood, around 30,000 blood and 70% chance of getting infected and lose a lot of blood)
- Spectation bug has been fixed!
- Anti weapons hack has been fixed!
- Gun stocks logs were added!
- Some typos were fixed!
- Blood Stains now drop only when you kill zombies and you can loot them using N near the zombie corpse. (20% of dropping it)
- Old zombies loot system has been completely removed and replaced with the corpse system stated above.

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Good job
"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything"

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WoW The server is now greater than last 2016 :D

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  • Welcome to DayZ Sa