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  • Rapha™: I dont know why admins no unban me i dont use hacks
    May 19, 2019, 09:56:14 PM
  • Drakath: No
    May 19, 2019, 08:33:03 PM
  • Rapha™: All players banned go be unbaned?
    May 19, 2019, 08:12:28 PM
  • Rapha™: I choose 2 days
    May 19, 2019, 07:59:45 PM
  • Rapha™: Days
    May 19, 2019, 07:59:20 PM

Change Log 10.2.7

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This update was mainly done to fix and improve crafting system, i expect no bugs in current script however if you find one feel free to report on forum and i'll be more then happy to fix them out.

  • Fixed all bugs related to crafting table (such as disappearing and / or losing stuff stored).
  • Crafting table can now be crafted using command /craft.
  • Crafting table can now be used as storage and crafting items.
  • You may only build 1 crafting table.
  • You may store unlimited wood & iron in your crafting table.
  • Added a new item, "Workshop", build it anywhere to start crafting.
  • Workshop can be crafted from crafting table. (Crafting menu > Materials).
  • Workshop cannot be dropped, can only be used. Workshops don't get saved.
  • You can craft various things, including Weapons, ammunition, materials and base building stuff!
  • All crafted items are saved, you never lose them.
  • Crafted items can be edited / deleted by its owner by cmd /editobject.
  • Doors can be opened by anyone, however they can only be locked by its owner (/open /lock)
  • Fixed a bug where C4 would become invisible after loot respawn.
  • Removed weapon textdraw from stats monitor, its now implemeted above the map.
  • Changed vehicle status textdraws, old ones were boring and hard to see.
  • Vehicle engines turning on/off is now fully functional, use /engine to numpad 4 to turn it on/off.
  • Added /synced for admin level 1+, its useful to determine if a player is synced or desynced (90% accurate)
  • Fixed a bug with /gang stats (it now works).
  • Added /gangs.
  • Added /gangucp, it can be used to view memberlist & to demote/promote (see die4's suggestion for details).
  • Old spawns were added back as with new spawns people would sometimes spawn on roofs etc.
  • Fixed a bug with /gang stats (it now works).
  • Fixed a bug with inventory slots used.
  • Fixed a bug with /dropgun where desynced players could drop infinite guns.
  • Added an anticheat for parkour mod.
  • Updated staff spectating textdraws, they now provide more information depending on player state.
  • A few improvements to the zombies system.
  • Added 5 new vehicle models at different places (Ambulance, police bike, police car and so on).
  • Fixed a bug where some vehicles would give false warnings about their drivers.
  • Fixed a bug where people could connect to the server even after getting banned (no guarantee as i couldn't test).
  • A few other things that I probably don't remember.

Mapping team is still working on maps, they will be updated as soon as they're done.
Make sure you follow all crafting rules /help > crafting.

I hope there ain't any bugs, however if you find any feel free to report them on forum.
Last, but not least, a huge thanks to everyone for their suggestions!.
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  • Welcome to DayZ Sa
Didn't get surprised expected this hard work from you after this time as usual great job my friend

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Thanks again for the improvements, we all appreciate it! :)
Message me on the Forums, Skype or Discord if you have any questions or concerns about anything. I am here to help!

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