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  • NuK3: s
    Today at 08:55:32 AM
  • Eduardof: Ok
    Today at 08:50:15 AM
  • SLASH: non lifer got banned xd
    Today at 07:39:55 AM
  • SLASH: I will miss him
    Today at 07:39:33 AM
  • hudz]: Damn
    Today at 06:41:40 AM
  • hudz]: He got banned ahah
    Today at 06:41:35 AM
  • hudz]: Looool 6ix9ine wall hacking
    Today at 06:41:29 AM
  • MateusH.SS: jkkkkkk atum seu delicia
    Today at 05:32:57 AM
  • TWOPACKxIRIS: kkkkk chola mais
    Today at 04:05:42 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: ingrid hack peguei print
    Today at 02:54:25 AM
  • ZiggySD: Sad
    Today at 02:48:24 AM
  • Demon: Hackers on :P
    Today at 02:43:03 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: 1000 hacks e 1 adm fica foda assim
    Today at 02:40:19 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: mds hack lixo me matou, fdp ficou invisivel
    Today at 02:39:44 AM
  • Eduardof: Ok
    Today at 02:34:42 AM
  • NuK3: i feel os sad man why did he have to od somethign like that...
    Today at 12:55:26 AM
  • BloodMoon$: RIP 140 score :P
    Today at 12:53:10 AM
  • NuK3: cant believe he wh
    Today at 12:48:57 AM
  • NuK3: omgg
    Today at 12:48:51 AM
  • Demon: F for 6ix9ine
    Today at 12:36:20 AM

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