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  • Deckhan42O: how i can play with u then :(
    Today at 09:30:29 AM
  • Frost_: It froze
    Today at 09:23:06 AM
  • Deckhan42O: my love why srv dont work -_-
    Today at 09:19:36 AM
  • Frost_: Deck Biosch
    Today at 09:17:24 AM
  • Deckhan42O: hi frosty
    Today at 09:13:29 AM
  • Frost_: How do i know your the real Law bro?
    Today at 09:04:39 AM
  • Frost_: LAW BRO!!!!
    Today at 09:03:04 AM
  • Lawrence: yooooooooooooo
    Today at 09:02:52 AM
  • Frost_: LAW BRO!!!!
    Today at 09:02:00 AM
  • Lawrence: test
    Today at 08:55:18 AM
  • KostekPL: hi
    Today at 08:22:58 AM
  • [sL]Capri[Z]: Mys brothers :D
    Today at 06:32:02 AM
  • Paulo Vitor: I can enter any other served except this, it appears everything I enter seems to connect served after disconnects
    Today at 05:18:42 AM
  • SLASH: Join our discord server lol
    Today at 05:04:31 AM
  • snorkel: ok, bye
    Today at 05:03:54 AM
  • snorkel: / you have face book ? :V
    Today at 05:03:05 AM
  • snorkel: :V
    Today at 05:02:53 AM
  • snorkel: -_-
    Today at 05:02:46 AM
  • SLASH: Wait until server gets fixed
    Today at 05:02:31 AM
  • SLASH: Its showing to everyone
    Today at 05:02:15 AM

IRC Application Format & Rules

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  • In-Game Name: Die4Peace / DoubleDeeOGee (Dee or DeeOGee) / Luis / Paradise.
If you're interested in getting Permanent Voice or HOP (Admin Powers) on IRC please read this topic and post a new topic in this board to apply for IRC powers.

Requirements in order to apply for IRC Voice / Powers

  • You need to be an active Community Member.
  • You must not be currently banned.
  • You must follow all server rules.
  • You must not abuse any commands.
  • You must not spam/flood !say in global chat.
  • You must not spam/flood players with !pm. If a player tells you to stop messaging them STOP.
  • You must not spam/flood commands.
  • You must not use IRC as a path to being toxic to other players.
IRC Voice and Powers is a privilege in the server, abusing or mistreating it will lead to consequences. If reported for abusing IRC your IRC powers WILL be removed and you can also be banned from the Community temporarily - permanently.

Please copy and paste the following format in a new topic when applying for IRC powers. Title it: *YourName IRC Application*

Application Format:
Code: [Select]
[b]Your In-game Name:[/b]
[b]Your IRC username:[/b]
[b]Do you understand the IRC rules and requirements? [YES/NO]:[/b]
[b]Do you understand that abusing anything in IRC can get you banned from the community? [YES/NO]:[/b]

Message me on the Forums, Skype or Discord if you have any questions or concerns about anything. I am here to help!

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