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  • Eduardof: Ok
    Today at 09:45:44 PM
  • Demon: GG
    Today at 06:24:35 PM
  • Demon: Rip survivor,
    Today at 06:24:31 PM
  • Chillerveli: I nearly solved da fkin case uglymaan
    Today at 04:34:32 PM
  • 8ulletpr00f: damn you wolfy i was close to solve it !!
    Today at 04:19:59 PM
  • Frost_: Nah, i died and met Jesus and came back alive
    Today at 04:02:41 PM
  • SLASH: How are you all, I mean all alive?
    Today at 03:18:47 PM
  • Zinka: [link]
    Today at 01:26:47 PM
  • NuK3: i am*
    Today at 12:59:05 PM
  • NuK3: they deleted my coins ig
    Today at 12:58:54 PM
  • NuK3: im
    Today at 12:58:39 PM
  • DreL: nuk3 why u aint usin discord
    Today at 12:52:51 PM
  • NuK3: if u can lol
    Today at 12:24:02 PM
  • NuK3: epic come ig
    Today at 12:23:50 PM
  • Monst3r_K1ng: ???
    Yesterday at 11:18:05 PM
  • NuK3: ok
    Yesterday at 11:11:56 PM
  • Eduardof: Ok
    Yesterday at 11:04:39 PM
  • NuK3: OH rema cita post
    Yesterday at 10:45:49 PM
  • 8ulletpr00f: I love how epic ignored my suggestion about the loot drops to the ground thing
    Yesterday at 10:42:03 PM
  • Eduardof: Ok
    Yesterday at 08:44:57 PM

Quiero pruebas de mi ban

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exijo pruebas de mi keybinder y si no las tienes creo que es  warn a el admin por eso las exijo

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exijo pruebas de mi keybinder y si no las tienes creo que es  warn a el admin por eso las exijo

You're in a report admin topic, so you have to put evidence against the admin, but if you want unban appeal and see my evidence

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Make an unban appeal.
Another topic and it will be deleted.

Nobody can escape their sins, everybody gets punished if it takes a day or an eternity.
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