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  • [SS]Gavi7Hawk: At forum you can do that looking, Profile> Account Profile \ Choose Password :D
    Yesterday at 03:25:23 AM
  • [SS]Gavi7Hawk: only type /changepassword
    Yesterday at 03:24:34 AM
  • [SS]Gavi7Hawk: If you are meaning Password in game
    Yesterday at 03:24:26 AM
  • SKOOLCOOLKID666: Hello, I need change my pasword, where do I do that?
    Yesterday at 03:17:33 AM
  • [sL]Capri[Z]: Karlos:You can pay via Paypal or Transfer
    Yesterday at 12:52:47 AM
  • [sL]Capri[Z]: Stop Gabriel me caes bien pero ya vasta el bullyng conra mi alv
    Yesterday at 12:51:41 AM
  • Ze_Karlos: I wanted to buy the package but I live in Brazil, how do I do it?
    Yesterday at 12:51:09 AM
  • Puchas: Gabriel behave yourself.
    Yesterday at 12:47:28 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: mds capri nob nao sabe brincar, vim tirar brincadeira cmg vou reportar seu bos t4
    Yesterday at 12:45:57 AM
  • Ze_Karlos: How to pay in my currency, in the case of the real?
    Yesterday at 12:44:58 AM
  • Puchas: You can find it in here: [link]
    Yesterday at 12:43:55 AM
  • [sL]Capri[Z]: Karlos join in : [link]
    Yesterday at 12:41:34 AM

Author Topic: [TF] Member Roster  (Read 4221 times)

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Re: [TF] Member Roster
« Reply #90 on: April 15, 2019, 10:04:55 AM »
2shotezz has left/kicked from the Task Force, reason: I have no clue.
[TF]TheLakyen has been promoted to Supervisor for his outstanding work, congratulations!
[TF]Evolto has been promoted to Officer, Congratulations!

IF i forgot something then tell nevermore he can update the member roster

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Re: [TF] Member Roster
« Reply #91 on: April 17, 2019, 12:12:52 PM »
[TF]UnickStar has been Kicked from Task Force, Reason: A made up account of BOT10/Fuckerdead.
2Shotezz has reinstated as Recruit Officer, Welcome back!