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Before explaining any more about the server's systems, I would like to start off by showing you some of the commands that the server uses.


/basickeys — The command displays a dialog displaying all the basic keyboard keys that are used to do specific features (i.e picking up items, refilling gas canisters, toggling the map etc.)
/savestats — The command saves your in-game stats, be sure to use this (or the alternative, /ss) to save your stats in case the server crashes without auto-saving.
/pickupgun — Picks up a dropped gun (talking about that later)
/dropgun — Drops the gun you are currently holding in your hand to the ground, will all the ammunition inside it.
/survival — Displays your current hunger, blood and thirst values (note: use this if you don't have a stats monitor)
/version [playerid] — Shows the current version of SA-MP that the player is using.
/getid [part of their name] — Fetches the players with the typed in part of the name, displays their ID.
/ask [+question] — Using this command while including the question, you send your question to at the time online admins. You can check online admins by using /admins.
/r [message] — Send a radio message to any user that is tuned on your frequency (note: you can change your frequency by double clicking on the radio in the inventory and clicking USE), you will need a radio for this.
/o(oc) — Send a message to all players globally. You will need a radio to use this.
/me [action] — Use this command to make your character do something (i.e, I typed in /me starts walking)
DerSchmitterling starts walking/shout [message] — Shout to any player in a bigger radius then talking just with the default chat.
/local [message] — Talk to any players that are located near you.
/pm [playerid] [message] — Use this to privately communicate with possible allies/friends or just to communicate in general.
/blockpm & /unblockpm — Block from people sending you personal messages / unblock from people sending you personal messages.
/inv — Shows your inventory (in case your "Y" key is broken/doesn't work)
/rules — Displays the server rules
/livestats [playerid] — Displays the defined players stats
/gender — Displays a dialog box where you can change your IG gender
/credits — Displays the people that contributed to the server/owners etc.

NOTE: You can check all of these commands by simply using /cmds in game, I'm merely putting them in the tutorial just in case people are debating whether to register to the server.


/stopanim — Stops all of your player animations.
/wave — Start waving at someone.
/sit [id] — Sit. There are three sitting animations, choose one and then type the command.
/handsup — Useful in some cases, but puts you into a disadvantage, puts your hands up in the air and gives you no way of moving your character/drawing a gun.

You can find various types of items, reaching from food & drinks to weapons and ammo. Once you find an item, stand on in and crouch by pressing C, then press the N key and you will be taken to a dialog, all you have to do is click "Take" and you will take the item to your backpack if you have the space for it (will be talking about that later). If you killed a player, however, this won't work. To collect player drops press the LALT key when near the item/s, once again click "Take" and the item will be stored in your backpack. Another highly asked question in the community is how do you pickup player weapons? Again, very simple and talked about it earlier in the commands section, use the /pickupgun command while standing on the dropped weapon. If the weapon is indeed loaded with ammo, you will pick it up, if it's not, it won't do anything. You can access your inventory by pressing "Y" or typing in /inv in the chat, to use an item double click the item in the dialog box and click "USE". Some items have exclusive commands for usage. for example, /plantc4 and /explodec4 are used to plant/detonate a C4.


There are six categories that I like to categorize items, those categories are

> Medical items
> Miscellaneous items
> Weapons
> Food
> Drinks
> Ammo

Below I will go through all of them listing their use and description.


> Bandage. Used to stop your player from bleeding. You can recognize if you're bleeding by looking at your character after a gunfight occurred, if you're bleeding your blood will go down and you will spur blood out of your character.
> Medical Kit. Fully fixes broken legs, automatically bandages you (if bleeding), and gives you 12000 blood. You can find medical kits all around the world as well as in medical crates near hospitals.
> Painkiller. Changes your screen brightness to normal (when injured lethally, your screen darkens).
> Blood bag. Gives your player 12000 blood.
> Morphine. Fixes your broken leg/s.
> Anti-biotics. Disinfects you of the zombie virus.
> Heat Pack. Increases your body temperature. Best used when your temperature is below 10°F, since the heat pack increases your temperature to full.


> Various skins. Pick it up and use it in your inventory to change your skin to one of the three collectible skins we have (army, civilian & sniper). You can get other types of skins (i.e bandit, hero and guardian by playing with the Humanity entity).
> GPS. One of the most useful items in the game, clears your radar and map of the black screen and you are fully able to see the map/radar without any problems.
> Map. Shows a map on your screen, which doesn't include your current position. Activate it by pressing MMBUTTON or NUMPAD1.
> Rope. Used to tie players using the /tie [playerid] command. You can also untie players by typing /untie, tied players also get automatically untied after 4 minutes.
> C4. When used, detonates in a medium sized radius, killing any players that are near the blast radius. The explosive does not hurt players that are in a vehicle (bug). Use the explosive by typing /plantc4 to plant it and /explodec4 to detonate it.
> Radio device. Used to access the global chat, also to access the /r command.
> Flashlight. Extremely useless, doesn't even project light.
> Wood. Used to create a camp fire. Can be found all around the world.
> Lighter. Used to light a camp fire. Has to be combined with wood in order to create a camp fire.
> Raw Meat. Used to be cooked by using a camp fire, obtaining cooked meat.
> Tent. Used to store a maximum of 16 items. Using /createtent while having a regular tent you can create a permanent tent that only you can access. Can also be upgraded to get more slots etc.
> Tire. A part of a vehicle, you need a certain amount of tires in order to start a vehicle. (bikes = 2, cars = 4, military trucks/buses = 6)
> Engine. A part of a vehicle, you need an engine in order to start a vehicle. (1 for each vehicle)
> Empty Jerry Can. Used to store gas. You can fill it by pressing the "C" key next to a gas station.
> Full Jerry Can. The can you obtained by filling the empty one. Used as a fuel source for a vehicle (you need all the vehicle parts in order for the vehicle to work)
> Tool box. Used to fix your vehicle up to 800.0 CP, while also fixing all the tires etc.
> Backpacks. Will talk about those later.
> Money. It is dropped from zombies and one money entity equals one coin in-game. (Thanks to Alphatester).


> Pizza slice. Increases your hunger value.
> Apple. Increases your hunger value.
> Burger. Increases your hunger value.
> Tomato. Increases your hunger value.
> Orange. Increases your hunger value.
> Taco. Increases your hunger value.
> Can of Beans. Increases your hunger value.
> Packet of Cereals. Increases your hunger value.
> Cooked Meat. Increases your hunger value.

NOTE: Might be more, I am just unaware of other food sources. Will update if someone corrects me.
NOTE: I'm currently working on obtaining all hunger values and their benefit towards blood increase.


> Full Water Bottle. The most common thirst fulfilling item, it's the only unique item that can be refilled by being in the water and clicking "Use" in the item when selecting it through the inventory.
> Rum. Increases your thirst value while also making you dizzy from alcohol.
> Whiskey. Increases your thirst value while also making you dizzy from alcohol.
> Gin. Increases your thirst value while also making you dizzy from alcohol.
> Milk. A very good item to fulfill your thirst value.
> Soda Bottle. Increases your thirst value.
> Dirty Water Bottle. Least used in the game, you can find these water bottles in the game, however you can only drink them when your thirst value is severely low.

NOTE: Might be more, I am just unaware of other thirst fulfilling sources. Will update if someone corrects me.
NOTE: I'm currently working on obtaining all thirst values.


There currently exists nine types of guns that you are able to use, I'll also include a few melee items. You need ammo for the specific gun in order to equip it.

> M4(A1, A4). An assault weapon best used at medium-range combat.
Required Ammo: Assault ammo

> AK47. An assault weapon best used at medium-range combat.
Required Ammo: Assault ammo

> Country Rifle. A type of far-range rifle that is extremely good at shooting targets from a range.
Required Ammo: Sniper ammo

> Sniper Rifle. A type of far-range rifle that is extremely good at shooting targets from a range.
Required Ammo: Sniper ammo

> MP5. A sub-machine gun that is best used at shooting targets that are nearby.
Required Ammo: SMG ammo

> Colt 45. A pistol that is used at close range, since it's bullets don't shoot as far as the others stated above.
Required Ammo: Pistol ammo

> Silenced pistol. A pistol with a silencer equipped, masking your shots when you shoot. It is used at close range, since it's bullets don't shoot as far as the others stated above.
Required Ammo: Pistol ammo

> Spas-12. Also known as the Combat Shotgun, it is a very powerful twelve gauge shotgun, mainly intended for military use, has now made it's way into the hands of survivors. It is used at close-medium ranges.
Required Ammo: Shotgun ammo

> Shotgun. Also know as the Scattergun is a firearm which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shots. It is used at close-medium ranges.
Required Ammo: Shotgun ammo


You spawn with a basic backpack called Coyote Patrol, it's the worst of the backpacks to store your items, you must scavenge better ones to store more items. Below I will list the backpacks and include their photos, so you know what to look for.

> Coyote Patrol Backpack. The worst backpack of the four current ones implemented in the game, has only 8 storage slots.

> Coyote Czech Pack. A really bad one, but still, a better one than the primary one that you start with. It looks like a parachute. Has 16 storage slots.

> Alice Pack. A decent one, the second to best actually. It's extremely similar to the Coyote Czech Pack, except it's size is larger and it has support strings at the bottom of the backpack. Has 24 storage slots.

> Coyote Backpack. The best backpack out of all of them. Looks like a money bag from one of the missions in the story mode. Has 38 storage slots.


When you spawn into the game, you spawn with the following values of your stats

> Humanity, 1600
> Temperature, 87.00°F
> Thirst, 1000
> Blood, 12000
> Hunger, 2500

NOTE: All of these values are solely based on non-VIP players, purchasing a VIP increases the values that you initially spawn with. You can donate using the /donate  command.

Let me explain to you what your stats mean.

It means your body temperature. It shows you how warm or how cold you are. It decreases if you swim in water. If the temperature reaches 0°F, you die.

It means your players humanity. Having a certain value determines if you become a Bandit, a Hero, a Guardian or a survivor in general. It decreases after you kill other players, however it can increase if you kill Bandits. The value decreases more than it increases, making it difficult to reach a hero rank. Going through every humanity value grants you a different skin.

It means your players thirst. It keeps track of your thirst value, it rapidly decreases (1 value point per 5 seconds), so drinking is necessary to survive. The icon will change it's color (green, yellow, red) depending on your thirst value.

It means your players hunger. Identically like your thirst value, it decreases over time, however the increasing is bigger than the thirst value (it's random, but it consists of 2 value per 5 seconds). Consuming certain food items give you a specific amount of health, the biggest health value being Cooked Meat. The icon will change it's color (green, dark green, yellow, red) depending on your hunger value.

It means your players blood. It can decrease by getting shot a/o beaten by zombies. You can replenish your blood by using medical kits and blood bags.


There are seven types of transportation in the game. Those are

> Planes. There is currently only one plane in the game called a "Beagle", it has two seats in total, one being the pilot and the other being the passenger. The color of the plane is blue, and it can be found in airports, abandoned hilltops etc.

> Bicycles. There are two known types of bicycles, which are "Mountain Bike" and "Bike", which can be found all over the map.

> Bikes. There are two known types of bikes, which are "Quad" and "Sanchez", you can find these motorcycles all over the map, they don't have a specific location.

> Helicopters. There are currently three types of helicopters in the game, they are called "Cargobob", "Maverick" and "Leviathan". You can find these helicopters once again all over the map, however the Cargobob only spawns on the rooftop of the SF Navy Base.

> Heavy vehicles. There are two types of heavy vehicles, and they are named "Bus" and "Barracks/Flatbed". You need a total of six tires in order for the vehicles to start, however getting tires into the "Barracks/Flatbed" vehicle is extremely difficult, as it has no entry point when using LALT to access the storage section.

> Light vehicles. "Moonbeam", "Bobcat", "BF Injection", "Admiral", "Patriot", "Mesa", "Clover", "Glendale Shit" and there may be a few more vehicles that I haven't included in this list. You need four tires to start the vehicles.

> Boats. There are three known types of boats, which are "Dinghy", "Reefer" and "Marquis"


You only need tires for heavy/light vehicles and bikes, you do not need them for any other types of transportation. Every vehicle (except bicycles) need an engine and fuel in order for them to work. You can input fuel/tires/engines by press LALT when near the vehicle, it will open a storage section and all you have to do is "Add Item", select the vehicle part and you're done. You can find vehicle parts scattered all around the world, as well as find cars that way too.


Coins are an entity that you get when killing a zombie/human a/o winning an event. You get +1 coin per every human/zombie kill, while participating and winning in an event can grant you way more. Coins are used to purchase accessories, create permanent tents, upgrade tent space etc., and just to show off. You can purchase accessories such as hats. skins and glasses by typing /items in the chat box. In order to create a permanent tent you need to have at least 150 coins and you need to have a regular tent in your inventory, then just type in /createtent and you're done. You can also access the tent and upgrade it, add a name etc. You can check how many coins you have by typing in the /coins or the /allstats commands.


An airdrop is a military supply package that contains various guns, ammo and food/misc. items. The military airdrop respawn times are as follows

> If a player collected an airdrop, it will spawn 10 minutes after the pickup.
> If an airdrop spawned and hasn't been picked up, it will spawn ~20 minutes after the pickup.

You can find out where the airdrop is located by looking at your radar/map, and looking for a red marker. Another way is to check the chat whenever the message that the airdrop has been deployed shows up. The airdrop places are now totally random.

When the package has landed on the ground, it creates a red marker that you can stand on in order to collect the gear. Take caution, the red marker may mask any C4's in the vicinity, so be careful!

Tips to survive

Playing as a safe survivor: 

Playing in the safest way you have to consider that you may survive a longer time following some of these tips:

-Drink the water bottle (Milk case or Soda bottle) when your thirst meter get in red, it will refill all your thirst meter.

-Be sure to be always equiped with 2 (minimum) consumable item (Food and drink), if you find yourself lost or in a non-loteable big area, the posibility of get starving or thirsty is reduced to 0.

-If you dont have a vehicle, walk into the tight streets (surrounded by structures), some areas of the map are easily to get killed by a player at long-distance or following you. This works too in the case you need to avoid zombies.

-Remember that the medical kit and the blood bag give you 12.000 pts of blood, so use it when your blood meter decreases to 2.000 or less, it's not recomended to use it if you still have 10.000-7.000 blood pts.

-Select a place to set up your lil' home, I recommend the roofs, then put a tent in the front of the entry to semi-block it (If you dont want to jump it, destroy it, you can grab it again), then, put a camp fire (Need wood and lighter) to recover a normal temperature.

-Important: Avoid the contact with another players (Unless it is a friend  :P), a noob teammate is a slowdown (Unless it is helpfull, but it is less probable), and the majority with a gun will try kill you.

Playing as a bandit/hero (Combat tips): 

-Avoid the SMG Ammo and Mp5, the Mp5 causes short damage, even though you can run with this weapon in your hand, it's not recomended to equip the Mp5 though you need a gun.

-Collect more than 20 ammo in every gun you have, remember that each weapon works better in certain situations.

-If you have a easy kill dont waste a lot of ammo of a nice gun, the melee weapons are powerful if you get a combo with acuraccy (Works with zombies)

-In case of closed combat (PvP), run is the worst option if you can't get between structures, for a lot of reasons. 

-Remember that "one chamber" in each gun have a limit (For example, the limit of the Assault weapons is 192 bullets), if you get to the limit you still have to reload, remember that.

-Destroy a vehicle is easy, if the car is stopped it's more easily, 8-12 shots will be enough.

-In case of 1 vs a group (And you want to kill them) get into a position not very visible, remember that the first shot will alert them, so attempt to get a headshot in the first shot.

-The sanchez motorbike let's you exposed to a bullet blast, even so is better get a bike to be walking.

-If you don't want to lose a lot of ammo, try a clear headshot (Just a headshot is not enought to kill somebody)

-Important: Get in combat (Weapon vs weapon) with a low blood level or low temperature is almost suicide, consider that most damage you get= your temperature meter will decrease a lot, so it's probably that you die cold or for the blood lost (Be quickly).

Playing as a allterrain survivor (General tips): 

-When you approach to check a vehicle stats, check the area first, then, get reclining in a side of the vehicle.

-When you are near of a player/s and you want to avoid them, try to move sneaking.

-The priority when you spawn, will be find a larger backpack, you surely know why.

-In case you looted all the area and the server recently made a refresh, move to another area.

-Remember that some items are most important than others, an obviously example is the Medical kit >above> flashlight, so in the case that you have a full backpack and need another item, drop one unhelpful item to grab another, or simply use some item and then grab the item you need.

-If you find a helicopter, before fly see the fuel of the helicopter (It's not recommended to fly with low fuel)

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