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  • Tadashi: este fredo trollazo
    Today at 06:10:21 AM
  • 🚷[OBR]FredKills🚷: pobeshito gabriel, por chitero :v
    Today at 06:04:39 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: entao nao tem como eu ter wall hack
    Today at 04:01:47 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: meu pc nem pega hack, ele crasha se eu tentar entrar com algum hack
    Today at 04:01:38 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: mas eu nao uso wall hack
    Today at 04:01:05 AM
  • Gabriel_Mck: eu fui banido pelo adm puchas por wall hack
    Today at 04:00:58 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: Grabriel o que aconteceu com você me diz?
    Today at 03:33:57 AM
  • edyn: si carlos
    Today at 03:33:25 AM
    Today at 03:31:51 AM
  • Iqbal_11: Miss you guys
    Today at 02:56:13 AM
  • Iqbal_11: Hello guys and how are everyone doing while I'm gone? Hihihihihi
    Today at 02:55:56 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: Responde mira como es el nombre completo del clan
    Today at 02:45:16 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: Edyn
    Today at 02:45:03 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: Hago lo de las reglas y eso ?
    Today at 02:37:33 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: Hermanito
    Today at 02:37:13 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: Hola hermanito
    Today at 02:35:26 AM
  • edyn: hola guapos
    Today at 02:05:04 AM
  • Deadlock: ok
    Today at 02:01:31 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: Dead
    Today at 01:59:57 AM
  • CarloS_Capri: ya lo bloque
    Today at 01:57:45 AM

Author Topic: DayZ Hall of Fame List  (Read 381 times)

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DayZ Hall of Fame List
« on: March 29, 2018, 10:49:48 PM »
Hello DayZ community, this is the Hall of Fame section where you will find the best players of the DayZ community who has served the community well and earned a spot in the DayZ Hall of Fame. The players that were and will be chosen in the future are players who have been loyal, respectful players that have either served the community as an administrator or has created epic moments or has earned reputation throughout their stay. Players will get inducted each year depending on their past behaviour, actions and so on so you better work hard if you want to be in the hall of fame.Keep in mind these special players have been chosen carefully by the server owner along with other members of the staff team.