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Author Topic: Reminder - Bug Abuse: Zero Tolerance  (Read 237 times)

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Reminder - Bug Abuse: Zero Tolerance
« on: May 10, 2018, 02:45:10 PM »
As many of you may have seen, some of our veteran players were banned earlier today for Light Bug Abuse. As there were many questions and confusions, I thought I'd take a moment and let you guys know the reasoning and rationing behind the decision to apply bans, and to help clarify the difference.

Light Bug Abuse: 3 Day Tempban
Heavy Bug Abuse: 7 Day Tempban

Server Rules:
No bug abuse/exploits
If you find a bug or an exploit in the server make sure to report it in the 'Bug Reports' section! Abusing this bug or exploiting it is illegal and breaching our server rules. This will result in a temporary ban from the server. It is not allowed under any circumstances.

Many of you came to know the term "Light Bug Abuse" simply as "Lightbug", which was in reference to an old exploit that would allow you to get your items back after death. Bug Abuse is a general term, that can apply to animations, game physics, or any number of other components to the game or its scripts behaving in unintended ways that you are intentionally gaining from. When used with the term "Light", it means you really didn't mean any harm to other players or the server, but it was still an advantage over other players. A simple example (that the community has decided it's pretty much OK to do) could be considered jumping to skip the eating animation.

"Heavy Bug Abuse" is just the opposite; exploiting the game in a way that usually involves another player's death, or major harm to players, the server, or the economy. The classic example for this is C-Bug.

Sometimes, while playing the game, you may discover things that Developers or Mappers never intended to happen, you may end up on an inaccessible seafloor or inside a building with no entrance. Discovering something isn't really wrong, in fact it's the first step in making our server better. However, when you decide to keep it to yourself, only show your friends, especially when there is staff readily available and gives you an advantage over players (and zombies), you should expect there to be repercussions. Had any of the 4 players came to me during the 10-20 minutes I was watching them and said "Hey, check out what we found!" there likely would have been a completely different outcome.

The FIRST thing you should do is inform any online staff if you discover something abnormal AND THEN make a bug report on forums.

We're only human, and we all make mistakes.... So, let's all learn from these mistakes and grow from them. I'm sure we can all agree the server is more fun with friends in game than not.

[06/25][11:02:07] <iLearner> There are a total of 900 perm bans by you in past 3 weeks...