GTA Sa: DayZ Rules

Hello, Here's the list of some rules that are required to be followed.

No death evading

  • You may not quit the game in any way to avoid death, this includes '/q', 'pausing/quitting' and 'intentionally crashing your game client'. 
  • Leaving while being chasen to avoid a fight is also prohibited, this includes leaving the game when you see someone who is about to shoot you.

Ban evading is strictly forbidden 

  • Joining the server after being banned, or joining the server before a tempban on you has expired will result in you being permanently banned from the event on sight. 

No breaching accounts 

  • In conjunction with the above rule, each applying player is granted exactly one account. Any attempt to coerce administrators into resetting a password that is not yours, exploiting the server to join an account that is not yours, registering for the event multiple times or otherwise joining under any nickname under the one you were given will result in a permanent ban.

No spamming

  • Flooding the public chat, team chat or IRC with repeated messages or random garbage, is frowned upon and may result in you being muted or kicked. 

Don't use any cheats. 

  • Don't use any cheats which gives you any advantages or/and advantage. 
  • Anti-afk or other bots are considered an 'unfair' advantage. 

Don't use illegal mods. 

  • Mods that give you unfair advantages over others are not allowed.
  • Example: aimbot, infinity run and others. 
  • Anti-afk and keybinders are in the category of prohibited software! 
  • Exceptions are texture mods.

Respect players and staff 

  • Remember to always treat your fellow community members with the proper respect you would like to get treated yourself with. Do not insult or engage in toxic behavior with players and staff. Use the report a player/report an admin section for serious problems. Breaking this rule can result in written warnings, mutes, being kicked from the server, and excessive disrespect with result in a temporary ban. 

No offensive language 

  • Do not throw hatred to another player or staff member, cursing, public insults, or other forms of offensive language being stated to another player are not allowed. This also includes insulting family, friends, countries or religions of another community member. Failure to follow this rule can result in receiving a strict warning and even banned from the server/forums. 

Do not argue with any staff members

  •  If you have a problem with a staff member, do not argue and insult them. This is against the rules and you could be punished with a warning or a kick from the server. If you are having a problem with a staff member, head to the forums and post a complaint against them and await further action.

No duplicating 

  • Duplicating items in-game is strictly forbidden. This gives you a personal advantage in the game. It is not allowed under and circumstances and can be punished greatly by resulting in a temporary ban. [b]No advertising[/b] Posting or sharing other servers IP's in order to bait players to another server is strictly forbidden. Doing this will result in a temporary ban or even a permanent one. 

No bug abuse/exploits 

  • If you find a bug or an exploit in the server make sure to report it in the 'Bug Reports' section! Abusing this bug or exploiting it is illegal and breaching our server rules. This will result in a temporary ban from the server. It is not allowed under any circumstances. 

No pausing during play time. 

  • Pausing to AFK, which may stop your character from being killed is not allowed. If you must AFK please leave the server and return when you are ready to play. (Pausing to avoid death is also forbidden, if caught doing this it may result in a warning, a kick, or possibly a temporary ban) 

No bug abusing 

  • Bug abusing includes, C-bug, slide bug and any other SA:MP glitches that may give your character a personal advantage over others. Abusing these bugs and glitches will result in a warning, that may lead up to a temporary ban. 

No C4 in or near Black Markets -- No /tie players in BM 

  • Players who are in the Black Market deserve a fair chance to leave it alive, thus usage of C4 in and around Black Markets is prohibited. You are also not allowed to /tie players inside of BM, which results in them being kicked out of BM after the cool down, and then easily leading to their death. 

* These rules are subject to change, with or without notice. Last update: 6th of January, 2018.

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